• Books

    Brooke Obie is the author of the historical fiction novel, BOOK OF ADDIS: CRADLED EMBERS (For the People Press, June 2016)

  • Interviews + Profiles

    Brooke Obie has interviewed legends like Dr. Maya Angelou, literary greats like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, members of Congress, White House officials and celebrities like Jennifer Hudson, Taraji P. Henson, Phylicia Rashad, Misty Copeland and more.

  • Columns + Op-Eds

    Brooke Obie’s columns and op-eds range from spiritual wellness advice to her views of the role of the Church in the media, politics, policy and the Black Lives Matter movement.

  • Travel Writing

    Brooke Obie is a spiritual lifestyle and health & wellness travel writer and editor. She’s traveled all over the world and writes about reconnecting with God through outdoor adventures and wellness experiences.

  • Editing

    Brooke has edited literary fiction and non-fiction, as well as essays, articles and company documents. If you’re looking for an editor to help shape or polish your literary or journalistic work, please contact Brooke.

  • Hosting + Events

    Brooke Obie has hosted charity events as well as Media Matters for America’s online weekly wrap-up show The Big Picture. Brooke speaks on a wide range of topics, from Black culture, politics and policy to spirituality, health and wellness.


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From the Blog: The Dithering of a District Diva

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Brooke Obie, ‘Book of Addis’ Featured on Black Youth Project for #BlackGirlMagic

From BYP: Harlem-based writer, Brooke Obie, has some ideas about freedom that you need to hear. In her debut novel, Book of Addis: Cradled Embers, the first book in a three part series, she tells the story of 17-year-old enslaved Igbo girl, Addis, who kills her enslaver, the president of the

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Brooke Obie Featured on VerySmartBrothas

From VSB: After a not-really-all-that-brief-at-all hiatus, The Writing Ass Chick We Love series returns with the homie Brooke Obie. We’ve known each other since we worked together at EBONY.com, and I’ve read and admired your work in the past. But, in preparing for this feature, I visited your personal site (brookeobie.com)

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Brooke Obie Interviews Woman in Viral Women’s March Photo

From The Root: Angela Peoples did not come to the Women’s March on Washington to play. The 30-year-old co-director of the LGBTQ equality organization GetEqual came to Saturday’s massive protest against Donald Trump to tell the truth. Marching in a sea of white women, Peoples wore a hat that read, “Stop

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Brooke Obie Covers Peace Ball with Angela Davis, Solange

From NewsOne: he moment I set foot in Washington, D.C., the day before Donald Trump‘s inauguration, I was instantly filled with remorse. His supporters were easy to identify at Union Station with their White supremacist paraphernalia and palpable glee. They had won a battle they were never really in danger of losing, and while I knew that intellectually, my spirit was still sick. “Why did I come here?” I asked myself. It wasn’t for what a Facebook friend dubbed the Million Microaggressions March; the massive gathering of

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